Friday 9 November 2012

The Start of the Adventures

Newly minted Lt Augustus Trubble sat at his desk in the little barracks room that he had called home for the past months. He read again the letter in his hand, the other, from his brother camped somewhere called "The Greasy Grass on the Rosebud River" lay ignored. You are hereby appointed to The 1/72nd Regiment of Foot, The Border Regiment, at present in cantonments at Peshawar in The province of India. Passage has been arranged on the SS Malabar, sailing from Southampton on the 22nd. Signed "Illegible squiggle Clerk to The War Office" The Borderers, part of Olds Brigade, he knew of their fine reputation and his eyes glazed as he envisaged the voyage, the train journey,his arrival and welcome to the mess, The glory of the Frontier. He would not fall to a penny jezail.